Made For Smartphone


Made For Smartphone

iphone hearing aid drawing
  • Quickly personalize sound settings on the fly and tag them to a location

  • Saved settings automatically return when you enter that location again

  • Stream music, video, and FaceTime® audio from your smartphone to your ears

  • Easily find lost hearing aids using the Find My Hearing Aids feature with Made for iPhone® hearing aids

About this Type:

Smart technology isn’t just for fitness trackers and home appliances — many hearing aids offer a wireless streaming function that pushes phone calls, music, video, and other audio directly to your devices. Whether you’re an Apple or Android user, there are smartphone compatible options to choose from.

When customizable audio and personal adjustments are needed, Made for Smartphone hearing aids have you covered. They allow you to adjust the sound quality and loudness of your device to fit any environment. Special apps can then save your adjustments and assign them to a specific location. If you prefer a different sound at home than you do at the office, your hearing aids will remember the adjustments you made before and change them back automatically when you walk through your front door.

Use your smartphone as a remote control to change the volume or attenuation of your devices. Use your smartphone as a microphone to enjoy group conversations more clearly. Use your smartphone to find your misplaced hearing aids. Use it your way — however and whenever you need to — and hear your best in every situation!