Program Details

1. Application Processing Fee

$150 for one (1) hearing aid OR $300 for two (2) hearing aids. If you are denied, the processing fee will be returned.


2. *Income Guidelines

Persons in Household Yearly Net Income Monthly Net Income
1 $24,280 $2,024
2 $32,920 $2,744
3 $41,560 $3,464
4 $50,200 $4,184


3. *In determining eligibility, we consider the following

Funds available from all sources, assets, and hearing loss.

  1. Household Size (household is defined as those living together or dependent on each other)
  2. Net Monthly or Annual Income from all in the household who have income. If working, provide your most recent paystub with year-to-date earnings. Possible sources of income are:
    1. Social Security and SSI, VA Pension, Child Support, Public Assistance, Alimony, Welfare, AFDC, Disability, Work Pension, Wages, Old Age Pension, Black Lung Payments, Interest from Stocks – IRAs, 401(k)s
  3. Assets
    1. Checking, Money Market Accounts – IRA/401(k), Reverse Mortgage, Savings, CDs, Home Equity Loan, Stocks/Bonds, Burial Accounts, Property, Annuities


4. We ask that you submit a one (1) page essay addressing the following:

  1. Why you are interested in the Hear 4 You program
  2. Your day-to-day environments and activities
  3. How hearing loss impacts you


5. Applications may only be submitted once every four (4) years


6. If you qualify for the Hear 4 You Program, the following are included in your treatment plan:

  • One (1) year manufacturer repair warranty
  • Comprehensive fitting appointment including real-ear measures
  • Three (3) complimentary follow-up appointments to be used within one year
  • Six month supply of batteries
  • Initial packet of hearing aid supplies for your device(s)


7. Additional costs associated with your Hear 4 You hearing aids:

  • Hearing aid check up appointments after the three included appointments
  • $60/appt to see the audiologist
  • $40/appt to see the audiology assistant
  • Hearing aid supplies including: earmolds, domes, wax guards, batteries
  • Repair costs once the one year manufacturer warranty has expired (starting at $150/aid)
  • There is NO loss and damage warranty for the devices
  • There is NO trial period for the devices

We reserve the right to change the application requirements at any time without notice.

*Per Starkey HearNow Foundation Guidelines

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Hear 4 You Application